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Seat Extender

Black seat extender fitted to Large Delta
The Seat Extender fits onto the front of the Delta canvas to increase seat depth

Why Do I Need a Seat Extender on my Delta?

The seat extender adds around 80mm(M) or 100mm(L) of additional seat depth to the standard Delta canvas. It can be used to prolong the life of an existing buggy when the user has outgrown the standard seat, or as an accessory for a new buggy when the seat canvas needs to be longer.
The seat extender has a padded front section with slight shaping to encourage a good leg position attached to a complete top flap which covers the entire base section of the existing canvas and secures to the frame through the hip-belt openings.

More images of this accessory

Delta All-Terrain buggy with seat extender fitted
side view of Delta Seat extender
Black seat extender fitted to Large Delta

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