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The Hippocampe All-Terrain Beach Wheelchair

Head for the surf and get as wet as you like in the innovative Hippocampe All-Terrain Beach Wheelchair. Or pop on a set of skis and head off for some fun in the snow!

Made To Get Wet!

Robust and extremely stable the amphibious Hippocampe all-terrain beach wheelchair is light, easy to assemble and packs into a stylish carrying case for easy transportation. Suitable for any age from 2-102 you can now enjoy a whole new world of opportunities.  The corrosion resistant frame and neoprene seat are maintenance free - simply rinse with fresh water.  From forest trails, kayaking trips to racing along the beach and paddling in the sea the Hippocampe offers the freedom to explore.

Frame available in Blue or Pink

Sizing Chart 

 Frame SizeSmallMediumLargeXL
Seat Depth 38cm 38cm 38cm 38cm
Backrest Height 36 - 42cm 36 - 42cm 36 - 42cm 36 - 42cm
Seat Width 42cm 42cm 42cm 42cm
Max Occupant Weight 120kg 120kg 120kg 120kg
Weight of Buggy 17kg 17kg 17kg 17kg


The only measurement that varies between the Hippocampe sizes is the distance between the front of the seat canvas and the footwell. The size you need is therefore determined by the length of your legs and how flexible you are.

All our Hippocampes are supplied with an adjustable height backrest, push handle, towrope and a transport bag which the Hippo folds into.

Additional Options

More support can be added to a basic Hippocampe to enable those with greater postural needs to experience the beach and countryside.  The addition of armrests, infil panels, a headrest and a harness can give extra support and security.  A vacuum beanbag support can also be used for increased support and stability within the chair.  


Other accessories include brakes, balloon wheels for soft sand,fron ski and rear skis for the snow, backrest bag ....

A low profile Supracor cushion makes an excellent addition to any Hippocampe, giving improved pelvic stabilty and pressure relief.

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