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Whether you are planning to walk, run, climb mountains, cycle or just relax on the beach with your Deta All-Terrain special needs buggy, we want you to be happy with your choice. That's why we are always here to help answer any questions you may have about our fantastic products. Do let us know if we can help answer any queries you may have, but before you get in touch, why not have a look through some of the things we get asked most often?

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I see a Delta and try it out?

You are welcome to visit us at Delichon and try all our products - make sure you ring and check that we will be there first and not out and about.  We also attend various exhibitions across the UK and further afield.  See our events page for details.  


How do I order a Delta?

Visit our online webshop, add everything you need to your basket and then checkout. Alternatively simply drop us an email or give us a ring and we will guide you through the process.  We can accept payment by credit/debit card, cheque or bank transfer. 


I have ordered my Delta from you when will I get it?

Every Delta is hand made in the UK and delivery is usually by next day courier as soon as your Delta has been built.  The current lead time is around 16 weeks after you have ordered, although we are working hard to get this timescale down so if you need a more precise delivery date just give us a ring and we will do our best!


My child uses special seating in their wheelchair; will they be suitable for a Delta?

We have worked hard to make a supportive canvas to allow a wide variety of users with different needs to get out and about in the Delta.  People are often very surprised how well their child sits in the canvas without much additional support.  Whilst we wouldn’t normally advocate full time use of the Delta it often provides a good position for the periods of time it is in use.  Further soft support can be provided within the canvas if necessary and a Wedge cushion, Pommel and Headrest are available.


Why doesn’t the Delta have a swivel front wheel?

For getting out and about over rough terrain a fixed front wheel gives much better handling, especially when coupled with our easy to tip, well balanced frame.  It also allows us to keep the occupant lower in the buggy frame so you can see over them and gives taller occupants room to have their feet either side of the wheel.


Does the footplate adjust?

The footplate adjusts up and down to allow for different leg lengths and growth. It also flips up and removes to enable a standing transfer in and out if necessary.


Can I travel in my Delta in a vehicle?

No. The Delta was never designed to be transported in a vehicle with the occupant in the buggy and has not been tested for transporting an occupant in a vehicle.  The Delta must be folded and stowed safely within the vehicle.


I need to carry medical equipment with me – where does it go?

Smaller, lightweight items can be accommodated in the under bag but it isn't designed for big loads and can be replaced with a custom tray with straps if necessary to gain more space for heavier or bulkier items. Oxygen cylinders and ventilators are safer if they can be strapped directly to the chassis especially if they already in their own carrying bag. .  Care must be taken not to overload the under bag or compromise the stability of the buggy by adding weight behind the rear axle. Let us know what your requirements are and we will work with you to try to find a solution.


How much does a Delta cost?

Deltas start from £1750 for the small up to £2150 for the XL. You can use the webshop to generate a quote including any accesories you need..


Does the under bag come as standard? 

Yes, all the sizes are supplied with the under bag as standard.


Why is the Trail only available for the Small, Medium and Large Deltas for occupants up to 45kg?

The Delta Trail has been tested on these frames for an occupant of up to 45kg in line with EU guidance.The Trail is not suitable for use with the XL frame.


Why do Deltas not come with solid tyres?

For the same reason as your car has non-solid tyres.  The shock absorbing qualities of the pneumatic tyres gives a far better ride for the occupant and less vibration and shock through the handle for the person pushing.


I always get punctures – what can I do?

Various options are available from most cycle shops to reduce the risk of punctures and or reseal the tube when you get one.  Try Slime or something similar inside the tube, or keep a can in the under basket in case you need it.  We can also supply an alternative Kevlar lined tyre which is less likely to puncture if you are really having problems - give us a ring for me information.


What is the warranty on the Delta?

Delta buggies are guaranteed for one year from delivery. The warranty does not cover tyres, inner tubes, brake pads/shoes or damage caused by misuse or neglect.


When we need a larger Delta do you offer a trade-in facility?

No, sorry at present we do not offer this facility.


Can you service my Delta?

We can service your Delta – simply email us or ring for details and costings.  Spare tyres and inner tubes are generally available from good cycle shops but if you are struggling to find them then we can supply them.


I need some spare parts for my Delta – what do I do?

Simply give us a ring or send us an email and we will do our best to help.  All the frames are assembled on-site with us and spares are readily available should you need them. Moving parts subject to wear and most likely to need replacement are tyres, brake components, polymer bearings in the frame joints, webbing straps and the handle adjuster mechanism.  Spare tyres and inner tubes are generally available from good cycle shops, but if you are struggling to find them then let us know.


Can I hire a Delta from you?

No, I am sorry we do not offer this service.

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