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The Delta Trail Cycle Conversion Kit

Bicycle towing a Delta Trail

A New Dimension for your Delta Buggy!

Delichon's Delta Trail is an innovative adaptation which converts either a Small, Medium or Large Delta All-Terrain Buggy into a bicycle trailer.

Add A New Dimension To Your Delta All-Terrain Buggy!

The Delta Trail conversion allows you to change your existing Delta into a high performance cycle trailer.  Simply remove the front wheel and use the trailer conversion kit to convert your everyday Delta into a new experience.  Suitable for small, medium and large Deltas (with a user weight of less then 45kg) this allows you to tow your buggy safely behind most bikes. 

Our purpose built towing attachment can add an extra dimension to your buggy, allowing you to enjoy long family bike rides whilst still being easily able to convert your frame back to its sturdy 3 wheel configuration any time you choose.  Perfect for use on quiet roads or cycle paths, the ergonomically shaped suspended hammock cushions the occupant whilst the multi-axis linkage isolates the buggy from the bicycle which makes life much easier for the rider.  Of course, we hope you don't have an accident, but should the worst ever happen, it is possible to fall off and tip the bicycle over and the buggy will remain completely safe and stable at all times.  We recommend that both rider and passenger wear a suitable cycle helmet and further occupant protection is provided by the roll bar which is an integral part of the Delta Trail conversion package.

  • Easily fitted to existing Small, Medium or Large Delta Buggy frames
  • Fits directly to buggy frame without modification
  • Multi axis linkage for manoeuvrability
  • "Fall-Safe" design isolates the bicycle from the buggy in the event of an accident
  • Front wheel when removed can be stored in buggy basket
  • Easy to switch back to standard 3-wheel configuration
  • Removable roll bar for head protection
  • Fits most adult size bicycles
  • Supplied with adaptors for a range of seat-post sizes
  • Additional bike attachments available so more than one bike can be used for towing


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