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Using your Delta on the beach.

A trip to the Seaside? - No Problem in a Delta!

Getting onto the beach can be a real problem in a conventional wheelchair, pushchair or stroller, especially with a larger child or adult on-board. With its optional beach wheels, the Delta All-Terrain Buggy can get you through the dunes, over the soft sand and down to the sea once more!

The Trouble With Sand

Sand can be a very difficult surface for anything with wheels.  Whilst the lower part of many beaches often has harder damp sand which is easier to push over, there is usually a frustrating area of softer sand at the top of the beach which is difficult to cross because the wheels simply sink in and progress takes a lot of energy.  There is no magic answer, and the only thing that can be done to make life easier is to increase the effective width of the tyres so that they are less likely to sink into the soft surface.  The M/L/XL Delta All-Terrain buggies can be fitted with optional Beach Wheels and tyres which are specially designed to help spread the load on soft surfaces.

Delta Beach Wheels

The optional Beach Wheels are constructed from a doubled-up rim fitted with a pair of fatter open tread pneumatic tyres.  They provide nearly 3 times the contact area compared to the conventional Delta tyre, while the tread pattern helps to prevent the sand clogging on the wheels.  The Beach Wheels use the same quick release system as the standard wheels and are fully interchangeable, so you can easily swap your buggy back to normal when you have left the beach behind.  The beach wheels also have the same internal hub so that they still work with the Delta's braking system.

Delta Balloon Wheels

For really soft sand and snow there is also a Balloon Wheel option for the Delta.  The super wide WheelEez tyres offer a far greater surface area and do not clog. Like the standard  Beach Wheels they are fully interchangeable with the other wheel options. [some older buggies need a minor modification for this accessory] A specially designed stainless steel hub ensures that the Deltas brakes still function properly when these wheels are fitted.

A Little Extra Help Required!

Even with the Beach or Balloon Wheels fitted, some very soft sand or large areas of sand dunes may still be hard to cross, especially with a larger occupant in the buggy.  There is no substitute for teamwork and some extra pairs of hands in these situations.  There are 2 approaches that we have found work best over the years which you may want to try:

Backwards and Tipped

Turn the buggy round and tip it onto its back wheels.  Using two "pullers" on the handle and an optional 3rd "pusher" holding onto the front forks take the buggy backwards across the soft sand.

Forwards with Tow-Ropes

Attach ropes or slings to the front frame either side of where the lower frame tube meets the front fork.  You can then use a team of 4 (2 "Pullers", 2 "pushers") to make it through the difficult patches.  We have found that the multi-loop rock climbing slings (known as "Daisy Chains" in the climbing world) work particularly well as they give you several handholds at differing lengths and can be simply looped around the buggy frame when needed. 

Looking After Your Beach Delta

The beach can be quite a harsh environment for your buggy.  Sea water can rapidly cause corrosion and the sand itself can be very abrasive if it gets into any of the moving parts.  Whilst the wheels and tyres will stand the occasional dip in shallow water, the Delta is not designed for immersion in water and should not be pushed out into the sea.  Water that is deep enough to submerge the central hub and brake components can do permanent damage to the buggy.

 Delta With Beach Wheels In Sea

We recommend that any salt water contamination is rinsed off with fresh water as soon as possible.  After your day on the beach you will have to spend some time making sure your Delta is free of salt and sand and ready for its next outing.  We advise removing the wheels and making very sure that the brake mechanism and brake hubs have been rinsed and dried.  Applying a light spray oil to the metal brake components will help prolong their life, but take care to avoid getting oil onto the brake friction surfaces.

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