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It's Experience That Counts

The Foam-Karve process was developed by Delichon's Managing Director, Martin Davy.  No other custom seating company has the heritage, experience or depth of knowledge that lies behind everything we do.  We are proud of the fact that our success rates are among the highest in our industry and take great care to make sure that each seat we produce is as individual as the client it is built for.  Our unique On-Site production facilities allow us to provide rapid turnaraound of our custom products without cutting corners and missing out the vital trial-fit stage like many of our competitors.

How Is My Seat Made?

We have developed a two step production process for our custom wheelchair seating which is designed to provide the best possible outcomes with the possibility of rapid turn-around times too.  The majority of casting appointments take place at a clinic or the client's home and make use of our fully mobile carving facility.

Appointment 1.

The first appointment is used to get to know you, and your needs. A cast is then taken of your shape in a beanbag. We always cast the base cushion first if we are making a complete seat, and then cast the back cushion while you are sat in the base cast. We preshape the beanbag as a best guess of shape and then gently mould the cast around you until we have a good template of your shape. This can be tweaked until everyone is happy with the shape and the support offered. These beanbags are then used as templates and a copy is carved into a block of foam in the van while you wait. This allows you to try the rough cushions for comfort and shape as soon as they are carved. Decisions are then made about the important things like the colour of your new covers and the cushions are then returned to our workshops to be tidied, have extra supporting foams put in, plastic shells made, brackets fitted and covers made.

Appointment 2.

The second appointment is the delivery appointment.  This allows you to try your new seating and if everything goes to plan you can take it away with you!

The time between the 2 appointments varies depending on the availability of the wheelbase and other externally sourced components but can be as little as one day if everything is available.

Seat In A Day

For pre-booked clients who are able to travel to our premises in Hampshire, we are able to offer another unique service providing an entire seating system start to finish in just one day.  The "Seat In A Day" option is truly the fastest way to get your new seat made and delivered.  Our skilled clinical and technical team work together to cast, carve, trial-fit, manufacture and upholster your new seat before mounting it onto your new or existing wheelbase along with all necessary accessories ready for you to take home with you on the very same day! 

While you are waiting for the work to be completed there is a chance to explore Salisbury or the beatiful New Forest and we can even recommend a wheelchair friendly pub for your lunch!