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Foam-Karve Seating

Foam-Karve Custom Seating is individually shaped for maximum comfort and postural support in wheelchairs, buggies and home chairs. Widely used by NHS Wheelchair Services and Special Seating Clinics throughout the UK, Delichon also offers its bespoke cushion manufacturing service to private clients.

Who Needs Custom Seating?

Many individuals with a disability find it difficult to sit in standard "off the shelf" seating solutions. There can be many factors including posture, complex body shape, tone and pressure problems which indicate the need for a bespoke seating solution tailored to their specific requirements. There are different types of special seating available, but at Delichon we predominantly use our own Foam-Karve system, although we can incorporate other elements to create hybrid seating systems when required.

Why Foam Karve?

The Foam-Karve system was invented by Delichon's Managing Director, Martin Davy in 1991. Used properly it is the most versatile custom seating solution available and can be successfully used as a replacement for most other types of moulded seating. Different foams are used to make up the finished seat so that the optimum balance of posture and comfort can be acheived and a range of interfacing options make the process suitable for the majority of wheelbases on the market. Our unparalleled experience and enthusiasm for our product means our success rates are among the highest in our industry too. Our service is delivered by highly skilled and experienced seating engineers with the support of a friendly and knowledgeable administrative and technical team who are available to offer guidance and support to our customers when needed. At heart, Delichon is still a family run business that cares passionately about its products and its customers.

Seat Creation On Location!

Our unique on-site mobile process for carving custom cushions has helped thousands of people to sit more comfortably. At an initial appointment, either on-site at Delichon or at another suitable location, our expert clinical staff will take a beanbag impression of your shape. Our custom designed Foam-Karving machine, located in one of our specially equipped mobile manufacturing vehicles, is then used to carve a block of foam into an accurate copy of your shape. This means you can try out the basic shape for comfort and fit, without the need for a return visit. Your cushions then come back to our workshop for final finishing and covering.


Foam-Karve cushions can be interfaced into a wide variety of wheelbases, manual and powered, and can be made as a complete seating system or a base or back cushion only. They can also be manufactured for fitting to a number of static bases for use as a "Home" chair.

Seat In A Day

Our flagship special seating service which can be provided for both Private and NHS patients is truly the most rapid way of getting your new seat made. Come and see us at our workshop and you can have a complete "Seat in a Day". Custom made, cast and fully finished and covered and ready to take home! Contact us for more details.