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VAT Exemption Advice

Claiming Back VAT For UK Customers

All prices on this website exclude VAT as many of Delichon's Customers qualify for UK VAT relief on the goods and services we supply. To make things easier, our new online store has an integrated VAT exemption step as part of our checkout process for web customers. If you are making an online purchase you can simply claim your VAT relief at the checkout. If ordering by telephone or other means then please complete the form below to reclaim your tax.  Customers who do not qualify will have VAT added to their invoice.

Zero Rated For VAT?

The sale of our products and services to charities and to specific individuals may entitle the purchaser to claim UK VAT relief. To allow us to zero rate purchases, we have a legal obligation to obtain a VAT exemption form completed by the customer, or an appropriate representative. Only goods or services specifically intended for the use of disabled people, or adaptations of items for a specific individual qualify for relief. Some standard items along with carriage charges are still eligible for VAT at the usual UK rate and this will be detailed in your final invoice.

Electronic Submission

HMRC have relaxed the rules to permit electronic submission of the VAT exemption declaration. The NEW Delichon Online Shop has an integrated VAT declaration step so that you can now claim your Tax Exemption as part of our online checkout process. Alternatively if you are placing a written/phone/email order then you can submit the online version of the form included on this page which we hope makes things easier. If you want any more advice on this topic or would prefer to have a paper version then please let us know and we will do our best to help you.

Online VAT Exemption Form

Please Note:
If you are going to make your purchases from Delichon through our online shop there is a separate VAT exemption section built into the checkout process and you do not need to complete this form as well.

I am applying for VAT exemption on goods or services for disabled persons under group 14 of schedule 5 to the VAT act 1983
It is an offence to make false declarations for the purposes of obtaining VAT relief
Goods for a specific disabled person for domestic or personal use
Services to adapt goods to suit a condition
Services of installation repair or maintenance
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