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Going on holiday may seem daunting when you have a family member or friend with a disability; however there are products around which can make life easier and more enjoyable. Over the last 20 years Delichon has helped many families have a more active and inclusive holiday. With the right products and advice you can achieve things you never thought possible. So if you dream of lazing on the beach, taking a long walk in the mountains or heading off for a family cycle ride then help is at hand.

Heading for the beach or the countryside?

For the beach

Standard buggies and wheelchairs are almost impossible to push on the beach as they sink into the soft sand. The Hippocampe beach wheelchair overcomes this by having doubled up rear wheels, or alternatively balloon tyres to spread the weight even further. A pushing handle and a towrope mean the whole family can get involved in the fun. The chair is waterproof and can be pushed right into the sea or lake. Various adaptations can be carried out to make it suitable for those who would normally use special seating. Armrests, headrests, harnesses and vacuum cushions can all be added to offer more stability and support. The Hippocampe folds and comes with its own storage/travel bag.

For walks in the country

Designed and manufactured in the UK, Delichon’s own Delta All-Terrain Buggy offers a lightweight easy to push frame with an ergonomic canvas providing a level of support previously not found in buggies of this type. All sizes fold easily for transport and can be carried in the vehicle or in a suitable roofbox. With additional features like the dual hub brakes, 5 point harness and the comfortable suspended canvas the Delta is built to get you off the beaten track.

For running

Well balanced and stylish the Delta has been designed to be easy to push with an adjustable height handle and a long stride space, making it ideal for running. Many Deltas have completed marathons, half marathons and shorter races, but it is equally at home jogging round the park or beside the canal.

For cycling

For users up to 45kg the versatile Delta can easily convert into a high performance cycle trailer which is suitable for towing behind an adult bicycle or E-Bike.

For Bathing or Showering

New to the UK market the Atheo Over Bath Shower Table is designed with travel in mind. It collapses and folds for transport and easily opens to provide a sturdy clean surface for showering or changing. It sits over a normal bath providing a safe raised surface to make transfers and bathing easier. The Hippocmpe can also be used for showering away from home in a flat floor shower or when camping.