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Custom Seat Flies To Florida

Foam-Karve Flies to Florida!
Fun in the sun!

For one Wiltshire family a new Foam-Karve custom wheelchair seat has made a world of difference.

Noah Bates had a new Foam-Karve seat manufactured by Delichon in November 2013 following spinal surgery.  Taking advantage of our unique on-site manufacturing process, the new special seating system was cast, carved and trial fitted at Noah’s school and delivered to his home fully finished and mounted onto a Chunc wheelbase just 2 weeks later.

 The new seat has made a big difference to the family, as Noah is now much more comfortable and can spend longer periods in his wheelchair.  As well as his Foam-Karve, Delichon have supplied Noah with a Hippocampe beach wheelchair and a large vacuum bean bag support which can be used as a temporary moulded seating support when required.

 With all of this new equipment in place, the family have finally managed the “trip of a lifetime” to Disneyland, Florida with Noah and his 2 brothers.  It took a lot of planning, but was worth it in the end.


Noah’s Mum Claire sent us some fantastic pictures of their travels and had this to say about her experiences of working with us:

 "Since Noah has been using Delichon's products our lives have been transformed. They really have.

 In all of Noah's 11 years, he has never been comfortable enough in any chair in order for us to be out and about with our children for more than an hour at a time. This year, thanks to PJ and Martin's expertise, kindness and product knowledge, we have enjoyed for the first time a 'proper' family holiday - and what a holiday it was!

 From the airplane supported cushion, to the Foam-Karve custom wheelchair seating, to the Hippocampe beach wheelchair - all the products enabled us to have the best and most stress-free time we possibly could with a quadriplegic, brain-damaged child.

To find a company that understands our desire to be a normal family is crucial - and we have found it in Delichon."


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