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Delta All-Terrain

Delta All-Terrain

Delta: The Ultimate 3-Wheel Special Needs All-Terrain Buggy

Designed developed and manufactured in the UK by Delichon, the Delta All-Terrain Special needs Buggy is quite simply the ultimate wheeled mobility product for exploring the great outdoors.

Lightweight, compact-folding and robust this buggy packs a wealth of features that make it the best in its class. From the ergonomic, fully supportive suspended canvas that is designed to offer maximal postural support, to the adjustable rear axle that gives full control of the dynamic stability, the Delta has features you won't find on any similar products.

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Delta Buggy

The Ultimate 3-wheel All-Terrain Buggy!

Available in 6 sizes and lots of different colour choices.

Delta Accessories

Make your Delta even better!

A range of accessories and positioning options for your Delta All-Terrain Buggy.

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