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2020 Wig Run

Moors Valley Country Park

14 March 2020

For 1 Day

Some of Delichon's 2019 Wig Run team

Event Details

In 2019 we met and lost a truly remarkable person.  

Glenys Waters was an avid runner who refused to let her battle with Ovarian Cancer get in the way of her weekly Parkrun.  Her goal was to complete 250 parkruns and when running became too difficult she approached Delichon for help and we supplied the very first Delta Run buggy so she could still take part in her Saturday morning runs around Moors Valley Country Park with her friends and family. Her mantra for life "If I can... you can..." and her sheer determination became an inspiration for many and Glenys continued to run right up to the end, often ignoring the advice of her medical team.

Glenys' colourful collection of wigs became her trademark and the Parkrun community at Moors Valley embraced this by organising "Wig Runs" to raise money for her favourite charity Ovarian Cancer Action.  In 2019 a group from Delichon donned our orange wigs and shirts for the first memorial Wig Run.  This year's Wig Run run takes place on the 14th March and we will be fielding a bigger team who will walk, jog and run their way around the 5k course.

You can help us by contributing towards our fundraising for Ovarian Cancer Action and we are also hoping to encourage people to join in on the day.  If you can't make it to Moors Valley then why not find a local Parkrun and wear a wig in memory of Glenys instead? 

Donations can be made through our JustGiving Page

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